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What's This? Another annoying pop up add?
A strange box sitting out in the middle of the road? A telegram from an unknown sender on parchment that feels old, but the ink is fresh and bright to the point of looking like it moves on it's own. So enticing, you barely register the words and once you click on the ad or touch the paper, you black out. You awake unexpectedly in a giant cathedral. Oddly robed people slowly walk through, muttering prayers and chants. A beautiful, dark haired goddess welcomes you to Babylon and her priests off you a contraption to help you in the city. It looks like a keyboard, or a typewriter with a screen, or maybe even one of those fancy Blackberry's. At any rate, this contraption is supposed to enable you to keep an eye on your finances (when you earn them) act as a newspaper and crime blotter, as well as allow you recording space for your own thoughts and feelings on this town. Beware of the Cult of Ashbo, Visitors. They are ruthless in their loyalty, and they will not hesitate to cut down non-believers and those desiring to change the balance of power.
The Story So Far
For the past 60 years, Babylon has been laid under seige. Surrounded in a curtain of black, the inhabitants have been forced to become self-sufficient in their city of 'Chaos.' Their entire world has been narrowed down to "City Limits" signs. In order to keep order in the city, the Ashbo has been founded. A cult developed to worship the 'Void which protects Its children from the Dark' has monopolized all major functions of the city, taking control of the people of Babylon.

Ashbo is head by the Lady and High Priestess Cassandra. Cassandra leads the city and controls all main branches of Babylon, from the government to the policing forces and financial facilities. Nothing happens without Lady Cassandra's knowledge or approval. She controls the people with an iron grip shrouded in flattery and woven lies. But in those lies is a hidden truth. Perhaps the lovely Cassandra is merely a pawn in the great scheme of things.

Perhaps...there's something in the Void.

A secret no one knows

As time passed, the people have learned to live more or less peacefully in Babylon. There are still families, businesses, crime and homelessness, just as in any other bustling community. There are greenhouses on top of flat skyscrapers and arenas for livestock. In the outer portions of the city, where the Void is strongest, rolling hills seperate the buildings from the Black, and only the bravest-or foolish- choose to eek out an existance in farming, there.

Now, for the first time since the Black descended around the city Babylon, Outsiders have arrived. Are they friendly? Are they foe? One thing seems certain, they have never heard of this city or the Void. They know nothing of Ashbo. Unfamiliar with Lady Cassandra and her terrible beauty. Did the Void wish new followers? Have the people of Babylon been unfaithful and the Void is choosing a way to punish them? These are questions that Cassandra refuses to answer.

The Outsiders seem to be from different places and behold strange and frightening powers that rival even the Lady of Babylon. As long as the people who intend to overthrow Cassandra and find a way to rid the city of the Black that's choking them, Cassandra's reign will remain unquestioned..

Head Mod
Tim - Head Mod of chaos, destruction, and bunnies
Contact: AIM - iloveautomail
E-mail: spfan03@yahoo.com

Name: Eirea - Mod of dastardly deeds
Contact: AIM - wolfpackgeneral
E-mail: beast.priest.general@gmail.com

Name: Leah - Mod of twincest and yaoi
Contact: AIM - iluffkittys
E-mail: lilbludevil009@aol.com

Name: Shirley - Mod of EVIL
Contact: AIM - cutiebishie409
MSN - lightened_destiny@hotmail.com
E-mail: lightened_destiny@hotmail.com

Name: Ari - Mini-Mod of sparkles
Contact AIM - unknkai
E-mail: aristastarfyr@gmail.com

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